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Tips to keep your property safe while away

keeping your home safe from unwanted intruders

Spring is here and summer is approaching for many that means vacation time. While it is a fun time while away you don’t want to worry about the security of your home, and you don’t want to come home to stolen things. So here are some tips to better secure your home from unwanted guest.

Hold your mail or newspaper

Mail or newspaper that pile up are a clear indication that no one is home. Consider calling your local post office and newspaper and asking for them to hold your mail and newspaper till returning or ask a trusted neighbor or family member if they would get it every day.

Don’t leave a hide away key

Often people leave a key for emergencies but while away don’t leave one that is an easy way for an unwanted person to get in your home leave the key with a trusted neighbor, friend or family member 

Be careful what you post on social media

It can be very easy to post on social media all the great pictures you take and to tell people the places you visit but you can be telling the wrong person go on your trip have a great time and post about it when you are back home 

motion detectors and Timers 

Install motion detectors that come on outside if they detect motion also install timers on lights and have them go off at different times throughout the night, so it looks like someone is home.

Install a home security System

The only way to truly safeguard your home is by installing a security system that includes things like high quality locks, deadbolts, and an alarm connected to the police.

Here at Davis Lock and Key we take pride in helping you keep your home safe call use today to schedule any lock installs and or any maintenance you may need to your locks.

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